Friday, June 1, 2012

Chapter 1,450,395

So you aren’t going to grow up and be perfect.

That’s just too damn bad.

My apologies for not posting for so long, I wasn't sure what I would post about

I’ve had a most exciting adventure the last 6 months. I got to grow with someone that I care about deeply, and I know he cares too.

We had A LOT of laughs, and some cries, but mostly laughs.

He taught me a lot, and he will always be my good friend even a best friend. Thanks, K.

What important lesson did I learn?

I’m not perfect.

Far from it.

I laugh at flatulence, and cry at ASPCA commercials. UP makes me bawl -- the whole time.

I sometimes mismatch, and curse when I drive.

I say the most off the wall things, and am offensive and don’t even realize it.

I eat like it’s the end of the world and have cravings that will blow your mind.

I’m just T.

I don’t have perfect relationships, I wasn’t brought up by perfect parents (even though I think they are pretty close), and I haven’t lived a saintly life and will tell you about it if you ask.

I love turning into a new chapter, in a book and in my life.

I love the adventures that it may bring. I love the heartache that I will have to overcome and the friendship that I will have at the end of it.

If life was perfect it wouldn’t be as exciting as it is. I wouldn’t learn, grow, love, cry, be embarrassed, feel disappointed, hurt, joyous, or elated when I triumphed over something.

Life isn’t perfect. And that’s pretty damn good.

Love always,

Monday, November 7, 2011

if, ands, and butts

Hello Monday-ers, 
How are you feeling on this snowiest of mornings. 
(based on the assumption that you all are stuck in some sort of frozen hell like I am). 

It has been some time since I have written last. 

I couldn't decide which direction I wanted to go. 
I also have been buried in a homework dog-pile. 
9 hours later and 79% and you get one angry T. 

heres to graduation in a year, 
and one more week until hopefully some of my questions are answered. 


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Paper linked chains.

I would like to think that I am a patient person. 
But, then again I live in a fantastic fantasy world that doesn't really align with reality. 

T's guide to anticipation. 

Diet Coke: Drinking copious amounts of this sweet nectar of the gods is my daily treat. 

Sweet, sweet meoldies: 
This was shown to me by a friend, and I fell in love. You will too, I'm sure of it. SING TO ME! 

Online Shopping: It is a general belief that poor college students shouldn't shop, but whoever invented online shopping is a genius. Thank you kind sir (I'm sure you were a man, woman would never be so masochistic) 

Manic Mondays: My computer makes this darling little noise when I receive a new email, if I could make this noise my ring tone I would. Although, I don't think it would have quite the same effect as what I receive when this charming *ding* sings. 

G: Oh G, you are my highlight. Phone conversations never seem mundane. 

Working out: "Push it, push it real good" -- Great workout theme song. I am seriously contemplating giving birth to this song when the day comes that I choose to spawn. 
Endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don't shoot their husbands. All the more reason to get on the treadmill, no? 

Forget homework, lets do anything but. 

Here is to another day of anxiously awaiting, 
P.S. I have recently started a couple other blogs in my infinite boredom. 
One for a class, and one to fully disclose my closet. 

Filterless Fashion-- My closet, and my bod. 
Mormonism-- My religion. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Map this.

Hello my Monday-ers! 

Monday and I have a strange relationship. 
We spend our day together. Come Tuesday we part ways. 
But, then Sunday night around 11:59 PM we resign our differences and agree to another day. 
We're on-again, off-again. 
What can I say? 
I love the challenges of a new week. 

Down to business. 
Ever been in a rut? 
Cant seem to get out? 

That point that is so deterring where I am stuck between a hard place and one that is absolutely impossible. 

Where to go? 

I need a map. 
One that has all the points plotted, and the destinations that I love and would want to see marked in bright pink -- like really bright pink. It  would seem more fun that way. 

One that has music that will speak to my soul at the exact point that I need it. 
Like that show with Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst, what is that movie called again? 
Now that was the perfect map. 

Maybe one with all the stores and thrifty places that would have what I love and at the perfect price for a starving student. 
Places to eat that G and I would stop at, and talk for hours.

 Trials and difficulties marked in bright-red with little caution triangles around them. Warning you to prepare yourself. Life-lines of the people who would help and strengthen would be conveniently be placed directly by them 

It would have the destination with estimated time of arrival like Mapquest. 
Trust me I have tried to Mapquest my final destination to no avail.  

So what keeps you going without a map? 

The adventure. 
Awkward hilarious moments
Awesome moments
True friends, not the ones that are pretend and superficial. 
Inspired words

And this guy, and those like him. 
Putting smiles on faces since 2010. 

Head up, compass out, and feet on the ground 
(well kinda, I plan on conquering the world in heels so not my whole foot), 

Monday, September 26, 2011

A bad case of the...

We all hate Mondays, but we hang out here once a week.

  • Not realizing that the back of my shirt is untucked from my pants choosing to expose my bare back (*Gasp* at BYUI?) to all of the ladies and gentlemen behind me. 
  • Accidently playing footsie with the five foot something male across from me in the library. He's definitely my type. Slice me off-a-piece-o-tha! 
  • Runny noses that make it feel like your face is wet all over. 
  • Trying to order food, and talking to my beloved G at the same time.
    •  Sandwhich? No T, we are talking about Law Schools!
    •  Law Schools? No, we don't serve that here sorry.
  • Pants that may or may not be ripped on the belt loops from many years of yanking them up just to fit over my bottom. Also, a zipper that is very in tune with gravity and just wants to obey. X,Y,P,D,Q?

  • Getting a paper done way quicker than I had intended. 
  • Only having 6 weeks left on my 2 year count down, and so very excited for it to be over. 
  • Having classes down pat. 
  • Third-Eye blind pandora radio station. Seriously the best I have found. 
  • String cheese. I have been craving it like mad lately. Feeding Frenzy?
  • The extended stay of the warm weather. Although, I am secretly dying inside to pull out the boots and trench coats. C'mon October
  • President Utchdorf's address in the General Relief Society meeting. God loves you, do not be too hard on yourself, make good sacrifices for better rewards, be happy now, and the "why" of the Gospel . 
  • Conference this weekend. Will I wait in line for tickets? I think that is a good idea. 
  • My fantastic Family and our glorious days together this last weekend. 
  • Marriage and the new formation of a family.
Where my parents were married.

T and G taking pictures of the Temple

O and all the youngins. 

G and G. 

My Cousin, B got married this past weekend. It was a family Affair
Here is to the rest of the week, T.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The fam damily

The Fam-Bam took a trip on the back roads to Santa Fe. 
This is what we saw.

Cherish the times together. 
Love eachother. 
Love yourself. 

"You Is Kind
You is Smart
You is Imprtant" - The Help.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Love spelled backwards.

This is the story. 

K and I were at a youth event. 
I was 16 and K had just turned 17. 

In a wild game of some extreme version of kick ball I plowed him over. 
I took him out, all 6'1" 200 lbs of him and I tackled him.
Graceful, yes? 

Oh man did I have a crush. 
He was a senior, I was a junior. 
We had seminary together. 

I admired his strong shoulders and messy frock of hair from behind. I giggled nervously.  
He adopted the name of shoulders among me and my friends. 
That pair of shoulders was quite nice. 

I asked him out. 
Yup-- I had the gumption to ask him out first. 

I arranged a date right after thanksgiving that year and it was a disaster. 

Did I give up? Of course not. 

I asked him out again. 
I arranged balloons outside his house. 
 It was Winter formal.
I looked darling in a monochromatic fitted dress and bubblegum pink pumps. He wore a pink tie and looked dashing. He even got a haircut for the occasion. 

I honestly couldn't tell you what happened the rest of the night.

Then on February the 4th we became official. 

We spent all of the free time we could with one another. 
lots of: 
Hanging out at my house. 

His parents didn't like me much. 

He asked me to prom. We looked adorable. And we were in love. 

He graduated. And we spent the summer together. 
More in love than ever. 

Fall came and we split. 
He to Virginia and I stayed where I was.  

Eventually we broke up. Hearts broken, and hurtful things said. 

3 years later here I am. 

He left to serve a mission in California. 
He tracked me down. 

We write. long meaningful letters. 
He apologized and so did I. 

K gets back soon. 

What now? 

Friends? Oh I hope so. 
He was one of my bests. 
best everything. 

I guess in 9 weeks time will tell all. 
Or maybe his next letter will be more shocking than the last.

Still rocking the bubble gum pink shoes,