Friday, June 1, 2012

Chapter 1,450,395

So you aren’t going to grow up and be perfect.

That’s just too damn bad.

My apologies for not posting for so long, I wasn't sure what I would post about

I’ve had a most exciting adventure the last 6 months. I got to grow with someone that I care about deeply, and I know he cares too.

We had A LOT of laughs, and some cries, but mostly laughs.

He taught me a lot, and he will always be my good friend even a best friend. Thanks, K.

What important lesson did I learn?

I’m not perfect.

Far from it.

I laugh at flatulence, and cry at ASPCA commercials. UP makes me bawl -- the whole time.

I sometimes mismatch, and curse when I drive.

I say the most off the wall things, and am offensive and don’t even realize it.

I eat like it’s the end of the world and have cravings that will blow your mind.

I’m just T.

I don’t have perfect relationships, I wasn’t brought up by perfect parents (even though I think they are pretty close), and I haven’t lived a saintly life and will tell you about it if you ask.

I love turning into a new chapter, in a book and in my life.

I love the adventures that it may bring. I love the heartache that I will have to overcome and the friendship that I will have at the end of it.

If life was perfect it wouldn’t be as exciting as it is. I wouldn’t learn, grow, love, cry, be embarrassed, feel disappointed, hurt, joyous, or elated when I triumphed over something.

Life isn’t perfect. And that’s pretty damn good.

Love always,

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